Date of Interview: July 1, 2021

Interviewee: Anonymous

Basic Information

Current employer

Family owned manufacturing business

City you work in

Greater Chicago Area


[Compensation data was not provided by the interviewee. The below compensation information was retrieved from data. These averages come from compensation data that is self-reported by employees of various companies.]

$72,382 is the average base salary of a Marketing Operations Manager in the United States.

Typical introductory roles for new graduates:

  • $60,427 is the average salary of an Operations Analyst in the United States with 0-1 years of experience.
  • $50,924 is the average salary of a Marketing Coordinator in the United States with 0-1 years of experience.


Years at your current job

Eight years total at the company but two years as the Operations/Marketing Manager.

Years working in your field, including time at previous employers

Eight years [no additional time elsewhere]


Did you go to college or pursue any other secondary education? If yes, was it required for your job?


What was your college major?

A Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Management (double major). It was easy to do these together, due to the overlapping course requirements. I also have a music minor, which I did for fun.

The main benefits [of my degree] for my job are classes like strategic management and operations/logistics. Alternatively, if I could go back, I would have gotten an engineering degree. Instead of taking some of the business course requirements I took, I feel like I could have gotten most of what I need from my real life experiences, versus sitting in a classroom. The engineering degree would have been more important for the manufacturing side of the business.

What college did you go to?

Truman State University (Kirksville, MO)

Did you go to graduate school? If yes, was it required?


Do you have any other professional licenses or certifications?

OSHA 30 for safety requirements. It’s related to some HR duties I handle.

What is the minimum required schooling or training for your job?

If you want to get into this position, you’d have to have a bachelor’s degree. [The type of bachelor’s degree is not set in stone]. Part of my job is HR, so I do look at resumes. We’re going to be hiring for a production manager soon. My brother is an engineer at the company and prefers someone with an engineering degree. I don’t necessarily need the new production manager to have an engineering degree. I want to see the interviewee’s experience and how the interview goes. But I can’t speak to other companies [regarding their degree preferences].

At other companies, it’s possible you would be discredited for not have an engineering degree for a production manager role. However, my dad didn’t go to college and he’s been running the business since the 1990s. The right experience could trump not having a degree but someone could potentially be weeded out if they don’t have a specific degree [at other companies]. I know it’s possible someone with a masters degree could also get paid more than someone without it.

Do you feel that your school’s reputation had a significant impact on getting a job in your field?

No, it’s not critical for the operations field.

Job Demand & Stability

How long did it take to land your first job in your field after graduating?

[N/A – Company is owned by interviewee’s family].

Did you have any internships?

Yes, during college I interned at a German V-belt manufacturer.  The company was a vendor we use in our business and we had a connection there.

If you lost your job tomorrow, would it be difficult to get a similar or better job?

I think would be able to find a job in a similar industry based on my wealth of experience.

Advice For Success

What advice would you provide to someone on how to get a job at as a Marketing & Operations Manager?

It takes some time to get to this level. You will have to learn a lot along the way. Always listen and be open to advice from others.

Nature of Job and Schedule

Describe what you do

I work with the management team on strategic goals of the company. I also oversee the day-to-day operations of the business to make sure nothing is burning down. My responsibilities include overseeing human resources (HR), the shipping department, e-commerce and working closely with sales. On a day-to-day basis, I work to make sure the HR manager has what she needs to do her job. I also check in with shipping to make sure products are going in/out appropriately. Also, I do work with with the sales team to make sure my marketing is going out as needed. Lastly, I help to resolve problems as they come up.

Describe your daily and weekly schedule

Typically I work 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM, but I come in early when necessary. I work about 45 hours a week Monday-Friday.

What parts of your job are repetitive?

Some of the data entry and reporting duties I handle can be repetitive.

What parts of your job require learning or performing new duties/responsibilities?

When I took over a different department ,I had to learn a lot of about how the processes worked and what people were involved to see if I could introduce any improvements. Generally, process updating does require learning and performing new duties. I have an OSHA 30 certificate since I oversee safety, so I do have to keep up to date with safety items if there are any changes. On the marketing side, I have to keep up with how how Google ranks our site [search engine optimization or “SEO”].

Describe the setting you work in most

I go into the office everyday.

Describe the nature and frequency of working with other people while doing your job

It’s a high frequency of working with others in a management capacity, including delegation of work.

Does your job require travel?

Yes, I do local travel every month. I also go to Georgia to visit our other location once a quarter.


What is the most enjoyable or rewarding part of your job?

It’s most rewarding when I accomplish a goal. For example, if I am working on a big project, there are so many little things to accomplish to get it across the finish line.

What is the most challenging or stressful part of your job?

After rising up the ladder in the management world, I have taken on more responsibility and knowledge. If things aren’t going well, then you might know it, but you can’t talk to everyone about it. You have to keep a level attitude. This includes keeping up morale and energy.

Does your job provide work/life balance?


How much time off do you take from work?

2-3 weeks per year.

Any interesting/enjoyable perks of your job?

Flexibility (e.g. taking off early and golfing on a Friday afternoon). I have also recently been leaving work early a couple days a week to work from home in the afternoon. We also do golf outings.

Why did you pick your job?

I knew I did not like accounting (the numbers side of things), and I knew I wanted to work for the family business. I was more interested in the creative side, like marketing. There was a need in the business on the admin side, too.

What would you do if you had to change careers?

I would do event planning. I did a little in college and I was good at it.