The Job book creator

Early Years

I grew up the younger son of a public school teacher and a factory worker who immigrated to the US, as a teenager. Both instilled savvy financial behaviors and a strong work ethic in me. As a teacher, my mother was always present with my brother and me, which was a great influence growing up. My father worked longer hours, but he still managed to be home by 4:20 PM everyday. After work, and on the weekends, we would often get involved in little projects around the house with him. My father always encouraged my brother and me do our best and achieve greater economic success than he had (despite establishing a very comfortable life for us). Little did I know, my career as a highly educated tax professional would involve much more grueling hours, and many different types of challenges.

While in high school, I did do some investigation into different careers. I had an interest in pursuing pharmacy, but did not feel as confident in my science courses. I also had an interest in business which prevailed. Some of the career books I read made me aware that accounting was the language of business which lead to me to declare it as a major upon starting college.

It wasn’t until later in my coursework, and when I began doing internships, that I started to see how I would be spending my days as a full time tax/accounting professional. I think, at that point, I was swooned by the fancy skyscraper offices in Chicago, extravagant restaurant outings, the charm of recruiters, and even a trip to Disney where I was being paid to be there! However, I did not put much thought, or ask a ton of questions, about what I would be doing as I moved up the ladder. I already felt committed. Don’t get me wrong, I chose a very good career path which overall has served my family and me well. However, I was heavily not considering other options that may exist by that point. I didn’t put much thought into how this career might be better or worse than other options I could have pursued, even before starting my coursework during my later college years.

I am a millennial with a natural curiosity about other people’s careers. I am very interested in what others do on a day-to-day basis and how it compares to my day job. I also enjoy learning about people’s challenges and accomplishments. I grew up in a generation that had to learn how to use the Internet at a young age, while my parents and other older people did not know how to teach us much about it. In grade school, I remember learning how to use the card catalog to find books in the library. By late elementary school and junior high, we started using Netscape Navigator, Ask Jeeves, and Yahoo to do simple research. I was among the first generation to chat with my middle school friends on AOL Instant Messenger. Then we began to use social media in high school, and Facebook, which only became available to students at college a year before I started attending. At that time only college students could use it!

Adult Life

Now I am a husband, father of two young children, and I continue to work my day job as a corporate tax professional. I grew up an hour outside of Chicago and went to a public university where I received my Bachelor and Master degree in accounting. I met my wife in the same accounting program (how true romances are formed) and we went on to get married after college and settling in downtown Chicago. Following graduation, I started my career at a global accounting firm. I received my professional accreditation as a CPA shortly after beginning my first job. I left consulting after six years. From there, I worked at various publicly traded corporations as a tax professional.

I currently hold a Senior Management position at a “mega corp” and enjoy spending time with my family, friends, and on various hobbies including tennis, DIY projects, and working on this website.

My career and specific roles have allowed me to build a great network of professionals and enjoy a fair amount of success. The successes my wife and I have had enabled us to establish a comfortable life for our family in a nearby Chicago suburb. We work in challenging careers and get to work with many bright individuals. However, there are many aspects of my job that were completely unknown to an 18-year old version of myself. In hindsight, I would have done a lot more research and reflection on how I wanted to spend the majority of my working years.

In addition to long hours, there were also other unforeseen challenges. These include working through corporate red tape, interacting with difficult taxing authorities, and constantly feeling understaffed. On the other hand, there are rewarding aspects of my job. The best parts include coaching and developing staff, learning and using new technologies, and successfully completing projects after working through numerous obstacles. 

Every career has its benefits and drawbacks, but I hope to reach many young people with this site and provide useful information that aids in their career decision process.